Wave Shape
Wave Shape


Wave Shape


When you become a member of Worthing BSAC you will receive a members link that will take you to a password protected part of the website that includes detailed information on the range of dives, where we dive and how to book onto them. In the meantime here are some examples of where we have dived this year and some of the depths. Almost all of these dives are out of Littlehampton Marina. On top of these dives have been specialist deep dives, away trips with the rib and bespoke trips that members have designed themselves.

  • Mulberry Harbour – 12m
  • Indiana SS – 12m
  • Shirala SS – 25m
  • Concha SS – 22m
  • Gascony SS – 30m
  • Ariel SS – 34m
  • Zaanstroom SS – 32m
  • Northcoates HMT – 30m
  • Candia SS – 50m
  • Lola SS – 28m
  • Carbineer SS – 30m
  • Sapper HMT – 33m
  • Prince Leopold SS– 33m
  • Tycho SS – 32m

And many more……

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