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The complete range of BSAC training from Ocean Diver (beginners) through to Dive Leader is undertaken within the club. All grades of diver and non-diver can be accommodated together with grades from other training Agencies.

All training is undertaken within the club by our team of volunteer instructors every Monday evening throughout the year and is free – in addition to your membership fee your only expense is to purchase the BSAC training pack and any dive fees you may incur.

All SCUBA equipment, like the training is, subject to availability, provided free for all new beginner members. Practical and theory lessons alternate from the pool sessions in the Worthing Splashpoint Leisure Centre and classroom sessions in the Worthing Rowing Club.

New beginner divers

For those new to the club and diving, a bespoke programme to suit your needs and pace is developed with the Training Officer. As everyone’s needs and pace of learning are different the timescales are kept flexible to make the whole experience as relaxed and friendly as possible.

All you need to start training with the club is to be over 18 years of age and medically fit to dive.

After the initial pool and theory lessons your open water dives will be in both the sea and inland sites. Before long you are a qualified Ocean Diver and training to be a Sports Diver and more.

Training can be undertaken at anytime of the year but late winter to spring is a good time to start and make a seamless progression into the summer season and the opportunities for local diving in the channel.

Experienced divers

The needs of all divers are catered for within the club. Training from Ocean Diver through to Dive Leader and where possible Advanced Diver is undertaken.

When needed RYA Level 2 Powerboat handling training can also be undertaken. This is subject to the provision of an appropriate boat and is unlike other training attracts nominal charge.

Divers from other Agencies

Divers from other Training Agencies are welcome in the club. Diver grades from these Agencies are recognised and appropriate programmes arranged to suit in accordance with the BSAC curriculum

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